Why Are Car Wreckers So Important In Australia?


What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘car wreckers’? Does it paint images of scrapyards—aka the place where cars go to die? 

Do you think of auto wreckers as a place to source for used spare parts only? While this perspective sums up the role of car wreckers, it also downplays the crucial tasks that car wreckers get done. 

I’ve found that most people have limited understanding of the importance of wreckers. What Aussie Wreckers and car wreckers around the world do often go unnoticed, so today, we’ll be shining the spotlight on them. 

Car wreckers do much more than move old and unwanted cars out of people’s garages. But first up, let’s define car wreckers.

What Are Car Wreckers?

Car wreckers are establishments also called auto wreckers, auto dismantlers, or car recyclers. Those names give away what they do, which is to dismantle cars that are no longer in use. 

Their goal is to recover parts that could be reused or recycled to sell to another user. The term ‘no longer in use’ typically refers to old and decommissioned cars or those involved in accidents. 

That’s to say, if you ever want to get rid of your old car, call a local car wrecker, and they’ll buy the vehicle from you. And you need not worry about how to deliver your vehicle to them because they usually take care of the towing or shipping themselves. 

Wreckers generally work on all vehicles, but it’s not uncommon to find that some businesses specialise in a specific brand or type of vehicle. So when you see a Toyota wrecking yard or an SUV wrecking yard, it tells you that they deal with those specific brand or type, get it? 

Many Aussie wreckers are family-owned and have been around for three to four generations. Some even date back to important historical events such as wars and depressions. Their years of experience have helped them accumulate a wealth of knowledge used to serve the needs of hundreds of thousands of vehicle owners today.

Now, let’s get to why they are so important in Australia.

Why Are Car Wreckers Important in Australia?

They’re the Best Source of Second-hand Auto Parts

This is the function wreckers are most famous for. A car, no matter its condition, is never totally useless. Whether it is old, unusable, or involved in an accident, the chances are high that it still has parts that can be recovered and reused. And wreckers make it their duty to find those reusable parts and stock them up. 

The reusable parts may be as basic as the door handle, interior leather, foot mats, or carpet. But even those are worth keeping! For the right customer, any of those seemingly worthless parts could be worth gold. The best part? Since these are used parts, you— the buyer— don’t have to pay top dollar to purchase them. You’d be paying ‘dross money’ for ‘gold value’. 

Car Wrecking Is Environmentally Friendly and Encourages Recycling

By merely existing and performing their duties, car wreckers are saving the earth. Wreckers in Australia and the rest of the world play a crucial role in checking global warming. This makes the job of car wreckers even more critical in Australia.

By scraping cars and recycling auto parts for reuse, they reduce the volume of resources required to make more spare parts. ‘How?’ you ask. 

The energy resources required to recycle steel from cars are much less than what is needed to extract new materials from the ground, significantly reducing the auto industry’s impact to the environment. 

Additionally, car wrecking reduces the amount of non-biodegradable auto waste that ends up in landfills across Australia. If car metals and liquids such as engine oil end up at the landfill, it stays there for years and contributes to environmental pollution. Car wreckers prevent this from happening. 

They Help People Dispose of Their Old or Unwanted Cars

If you have an old car that has reached its end of life and want to dispose of it, it can be sold to the car wreckers. You could get $$ for what you might have considered a piece of junk. Plus, you’d be doing our planet’s ecosystem a ton of good. All you’ll have to do is call a car wrecker near you in Australia.

Not every car will fetch the same price. Factors that determine the price of a used car include its condition, make, model, weight, and mileage. To maximise your profit, make sure to compare the prices and the services of various car wreckers near you. 

They Provide Easy Removal of Wrecked or Damaged Cars

When there’s an auto crash, car wreckers are the best businesses to call for moving the car(s) involved out of the way. They use their experience to move it as safely and efficiently as the wreck would allow. This option is convenient when you’d rather sell off your car than repair it. You can seal a deal for the car and get paid. 

Caution Here: Don’t rush when deciding on whom to sell your wrecked car, since you can be pressured into a bad deal. After all, if after a wrecker has towed your car and you’re unhappy with their purchase offer, you could pay for the tow service alone, and the next wrecker could come to pick it up from their shop.

Final Thoughts

In sum, in addition to being a source of second-hand auto parts, auto wreckers help dispose of old and decommissioned cars, reduce pollution and protect our environment. And they deserve credit for that.

Looking for a car wrecker to buy used parts from? Imagine if we could connect you with hundreds of top-rated wreckers across Australia. You wouldn’t need to physically move around looking for what you want or a good price deal. That would be a dream! But guess what, your wishes just got delivered!

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